Every relationship goes through patches where matters just are exciting as they used to be, before the classic ‘7-year itch’. Breaking out of these boring charms as fast as possible is very important to both of you. Dare with your man or a terrific way to bring that thrill back into the bedroom is to play with a game of filthy truth.

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1. The reason for these filthy truth or dare questions is not necessarily to be outrageous or insane as possible. So if you don’t feel comfortable using some of the wilder questions, then just stick with the ones you are comfortable with

2. Don’t dare questions or merely rely on these example filthy truth. Ensure that you think up of some of your own that apply to your own relationship.

3. You can play dirty truth or dare with only 2 people or should you be feeling more adventurous try playing with it with other couples.

4. There’s a fun and exciting relationship with your guy than just these filthy truth or dare questions. Be sure to have a look at the sex tips section as well as the enormous sex positions section for ideas, inspiration, and tips on having great sex with your guy.

Alrighty, let ’s learn some enjoyment and dirty truth or challenge questions… I ’ve split truth or dare into 2 segments, filthy truth questions, and dirty challenge.

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Have you ever kissed more than 1 member of the same family?
Have you ever regretted having sex with someone instantly afterward?
Perhaps you have ever had sex with someone before you, and they had kissed?
Would you ever have just 1 girl & a threesome with 2 men? What about a threesome with 1 guy & 2 girls?
Who is the person that you’ve been attracted to in your complete life?
Maybe you have desired to have sex with someone that you’d never want to date?
When is?
When is the last time you saw pornography?
Tell me a fantasy that you have never shared with someone.
When is?
Have you ever swallowed your partners ejaculate?
If you could change genders for just one single day, what’s the first thing which you’d do?
What’s the furthest you gone with someone the first time you met with them?
When’s the last time you dipped?
What’s the dirtiest dream that you had?
Maybe you have had a homosexual experience?
If you could add your height and 4 inches together, what would you choose?
What turns you on the most in someone of the opposite sex?
If you could only pick 2 things for me to wear, what would they be?
Would you would rather see me in hot pants or a short skirt?
When was the last time?
When is the last time you had a hard on?
Have you ever ever commanded someone?
Have you ever been submissive in the bedroom for someone?
Do you own any sex toys?
Perhaps you have had sex in public? Would you like to try?
Tell me about a very embarrassing sex story?
Have you ever ever worn girls’s clothes or panties?
Maybe you have refused to go down on a girl/man? Why?
Would you ever consider making a porno?
Maybe you have tried anal?
Have you ever hired a hooker?
What would you do if you found out your partner was once a prostitute?
Men:Do you ever wish you had a bigger penis? Girls:Do you ever wish you’d bigger breasts?
If you had a choice between a woman with miniature natural breasts or obviously fake breasts, what would you pick? Why?
What types of roleplaying have you ever done? Secretary and manager? Prisoner and jail warden? Something else?
Guys just: Would you become a male prostitute if girls were willing to pay you for sex?
What exactly is the most quantity of orgasms you have ever had in a day?
Would you take action, if your greatest fantasy girl/man told you that the only way they would have sex with you is if you both snowballed later?
What’s ?
Has your partner ever laughed during sex at you?
If you will need to select between a partner with a great face and body that is horrid OR a partner with an awful face and great body, what would you select?
Guys only: If your girl said that she would try anal if it attempted first what would you say?
Maybe you have ever been totally rejected by someone?
What type of porn do you love/hate? Why?
Is there a person who everyone believes is awful, but you find to be really hot?
Is there someone who everyone thinks is hot, but you think is not beautiful?
What’s someone you’ve kissed/slept with/dated and the biggest age difference between you?
What was your quickest orgasm ever?
What’s the most crazy matter that is sexual you’ve ever done?
Have you ever said sexual notion? What was it?
Would you tell your crush which you love them, if you knew you just had a short time left on earth?
What’s the largest dick you’ve ever seen in actual life?
What’s the most satisfying orgasm you’ve ever had?
Guys only: Who would you choose if you’d a choice between a girl 24 inches smaller than you or a girl 12 inches taller than you?
Girls only: What would you select if you had to choose between a man 4 inches smaller than you or a guy than you?
Describe the last piece of erotica you’ve read?
What’s the most important part of a man/girl’s anatomy?
What’s the sluttiest, most nasty thing you done?
What’s the most horny you felt?
What is the strangest thing that turns on you?
Tell everyone about the greatest sex you ever had.
Who would you pick if you could have a threesome with two folks?
Tell one truth and two lies to the group and see if they are able to figure out which is the truth.
Where’s the craziest place you had sex?


Show everyone playing the game your favorite porn site.
Show everyone playing the game your favorite sex position.
Give your partner a hickey.
Educate everyone your finest sex technique.
Demo the way to give a blow job.
Bend your partner over your knee and spank them ten times.
Flex over your partner’s allow them to spank you twenty times and knee.
Slowly kiss your partner to the top of their head from their feet.
Catch your partner’s hair and pull them into your boobs/crotch.
Swap garments with your partner.
While also eating a candy kiss your partner.
Your partner has to use a sex toy on the next time you have sex.
Go commando. (Commando = wear no underwear)
Attempt every single sex position in the Sex Positions Bible.
Men: Finger your girl, then taste it. Women: Taste his precum.
Drink a shot from your partner’s belly button.
Pass a sweet/grape to your partner using just your lips.
Recreate the most bizarre thing that ever happened to you personally during sex.
Try and turn your partner.
Give your partner oral sex while they sit watch TV/ play with game titles.
Eat fruit/food off your partner
Undress your partner with everything but your hands.
Wear a butt plug for the whole day.
Try snowballing with your partner. (French kissing with his cum.)
Don’t masturbate for an entire month.
Strip for your own partner.
Suck on your partner’s nipples.
Guys: Spell the alphabet in your girl’s pussy. Women: Spell the alphabet on the tip of your man’s dick with your tongue.
Sit on your partner’s face.
Lick whipped cream off your partner’s chest/breasts/pussy/dick.
Masturbate facing the group/me.
With a blindfold on, try and identify everyone in the group by their genitals.
Remain nude for the next 2/5#10/10/30 minutes.
Make your partner cum using just your lips.
Take a shower and wash your partner.
Send your partner a snap that is nude.
Tell two individuals in the group to begin kissing, then direct them to begin doing other items like undressing, groping, etc. (This has to be consensual obviously!)